Air Systems Engineering provides a turnkey operation from design, drawing, installation, gas and power connections, utilising all qualified staff from "in house" employees. Part of our service includes organising the governing authorities on your behalf for approvals and final connections to ensure a quick but thorough installation with minimal fuss. We listen to your needs and design a system to suit your requirements, whether it be a warm air or radiant application we can offer unique solutions tailored for your needs. Our experience can provide you with true solutions to commercial heating applications where it might have been difficult in the past.

Applications where we can assist:

  • Warm air and radiant tube heating
  • Warehouse spot or space heating
  • Task heating
  • Church, hall or school heating
  • Restaurant/ Cafe heating
  • Smoking area heating
  • Outdoor entertaining
  • High bay heating
  • Crane bay heating
  • Product process heating

Electric Radiant Panels

Electric Radiant Heaters provide superior close proximity heating, for both indoor and outdoor heating applications. Available with a range of mounting options, the Electric Radiant Heaters produce radiant heat, the same as the sun's energy, directly warming people and objects in its path.

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Gas Fired Heaters

The GDH Gas Fired duct heater is a Direct Fired duct furnace with a stainless steel burner. The GDH heater is supplied with electronic ignition and On/off or modulating flame control, complete with all fittings to comply with relevant codes for the installation of gas fired appliances.

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Radiant Tube Heaters

Infrared radiant gas heaters are top quality and fuel efficient with a large range of applications including: Restaurants, Cafes, Halls, Factories, Retail and Showroom outlets, Atriums and Churches.

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