Reverse Cycle Refrigerated Air Conditioning

A reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning system lets you control the climate when you want. This is the most popular form of heating and cooling where achieving the right temperature. There is an enormous variety of options with ducted refrigerated air conditioning such as individual room temperature control and zoning and multiple fan coils off the one unit.


How Does It Work?
Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning can both cool and heat your office while filtering the air and removing humidity, providing the required level of comfort, regardless of the weather conditions. Heating is provided economically by "reversing" the operation of the conditioner. Instead of expelling the hot air and circulating cool air it does the reverse - hence the term 'reverse cycle' air conditioning.
There are various types of air conditioners, from the simple and inexpensive room air conditioner, wall mounted split right up to a fully ducted system.

Why Ducted Reverse Cycle?
Ducted refrigeration systems are also a heating unit. Not only will it keep you cool in warm weather, but warm in cool weather. A ducted refrigeration unit is equivalent to having ducted heating and a split system in every room but without the expensive price tag or the intruding unit in each room, so they are a perfect alternative that allows you to be in control of the ambient temperature all year round.

Inverter Technology?
The inverter tag found on some air conditioners signifies the ability of the unit to continuously regulate its thermal transfer flow by altering the speed of the compressor in response to cooling or heating demand. Basically they have a multi speed compressor that can ramp from approximately 30% capacity to 110% reducing running costs and noise levels compared to the conventional systems.

Digital Scroll Technology?
Inside a scroll compressor, there are 2 components called scroll sets. The 2 scrolls mesh against each other in the compressor. There are several pockets that are formed when the scrolls mesh with each other. The pocket of compression on the outside (which is the longest and traps the most refrigerant) moves inwards as the scrolls orbit. As the pocket of gas moves progressively towards the centre, it gets smaller in size and gets compressed more and more. Finally, at the centre, where the size of the pocket is the smallest, the gas is discharged at a high pressure.

With the rising cost of electricity it is important to take into consideration energy efficient technology. The price of the installation may very well prove to be cheap, but running costs long term won’t be worth the cheap installation and products. Actron Air is our premium digital scroll system (ESP PLUS), not only does it have this advanced technology, it also has a variable speed indoor unit. This allows the system to ramp down to use only 9% of its capacity, giving you the ultimate in efficiency for ducted refrigerated cooling.