Evaporative Cooling

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Evaporative Cooling systems are the most cost effective solution available for spot or space cooling your warehouse / factory, with cheap effective installation and running costs. With a wide range of Evaporative Cooling units it is essential that the correct size unit is selected to achieve the right air change to give the right amount of cooling. We understand you will be after a system that is reliable, efficient and of high quality, which is why we only use the most reliable units for the job required.


How it Works

An Evaporative Cooler is a ducted air-conditioning system that uses the process of evaporation to cool your warehouse / factory. When an evaporative cooler is turned on, the large filter pads inside the unit are saturated with fresh water to ensure the best possible results from the evaporation process. Fresh air is then drawn from outside your building into the cooling system via the unit’s fan. The air is then circulated to your warehouse / factory through strategically placed vents in the roof of each room you would like to cool.

Evaporative Cooling requires you to keep your doors and windows open for the air to escape. By doing this, you ensure that you are getting the best possible cooling effect and cleanest air for your warehouse / factory. Sometimes it will be necessary to install extraction fans in order to remove the air being introduced into the building.


  • Low operation costs
  • Low installation cost
  • Cools entire Warehouse
  • Provides constant fresh air throughout the building as opposed to recycled air
  • Most beneficial air conditioning system for asthma and allergy sufferers as the filter pads act as an effective filter from dust, pollen and other pollutions
  • Integrated self-cleaning process ensures that the filter pads are always kept at optimum working condition
  • Evaporative Cooling is the GREEN CHOICE for air-conditioning

Prices on an Evaporative Cooling System depend on the size and number of units required. To receive a quote on the most appropriate system for your building, click on the contact page and send an email or phone us to discuss a quotation that suits your requirements.