Energy Efficient Design Selection

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Air Conditioning

The commercial requirements for air conditioning units are wide and varied and require detailed assessment of the site and its application before a custom solution can be established. A well defined commercial air conditioning unit will provide a high level of performance, reliability and control for the operator and property managers for many years to come.

There are many stories of poor quality fit outs through price cutting or unqualified recommendations which are now costing owners and property manager’s excessive maintenance fees for upkeep or premature replacement; you don’t want to be one of them.
Our commercial air conditioning solutions are perfect for shops, hotels, bars, offices, medical centers and any other type of commercial building or shopping centre.

We'll work closely with you to ensure you get the best solution for your premises.  We will choose the right mehod of air distribution for your building, linear slot, sock etc.  Air Systems Engineering are specialists in air quality assessments, installations, testing, maintenance and repairs - so once you invest in an air conditioning solution from us, you can be assured of the best service throughout the system's lifetime.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling systems are the most cost effective solution available for spot or space cooling your warehouse / factory, with cheap effective installation and running costs. With a wide range of Evaporative Cooling units it is essential that the correct size unit is selected to achieve the right air change to give the right amount of cooling. We understand you will be after a system that is reliable, efficient and of high quality, which is why we only use the most reliable units for the job required.

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Latest Products

Because we're at the forefront of the air conditioning industry, we're always the first to get hold of the most advanced and economical air conditioning systems on the market.

Plus, our suppliers - award-winning LG, Mitsubishi Electric and successful Australian companies ActronAir, Temperzone and Air Change - are pioneers in the industry along with Daikin,  Fujitsu and Hitachi. This means you'll always have access to the quietest and most energy efficient products to meet MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards).

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Reverse Cycle Refrigerated Air Conditioning

A reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning system lets you control the climate when you want. This is the most popular form of heating and cooling where achieving the right temperature. There is an enormous variety of options with ducted refrigerated air conditioning such as individual room temperature control and zoning and multiple fan coils off the one unit.

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Rooftop Packaged & Ducted Split Systems

LG, ActronAir, Actron, Temperzone & Mitsubishi Electric boast a range of either rooftop packaged or ducted split systems ranging from 3.5kW ducted up to 100kW packaged (Actron / Temperzone) to efficiently heat and cool your existing or new commercial premises.

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VRV - Variable Volume Refrigerant Systems

Variable refrigerant volume (vrv) also known as Variable refrigerant flow (vrf) is a system that consists of a number of air handling units (indoor units) connected to a modular external condensing unit one or more.  Our design team keep updated on the onoing manufacturers design and operation innovations.

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Energy Efficient Design

energy-efficientAir Systems Engineering pay particular attention to compliance with the Energy Efficinet design complying with Part J of the Building Code of Australia.